1 Ion 5 Ionic Mineral Drops A blend of 72 essential and trace ionic minerals for optimal wellness

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∙ Electrolyte Replacement: Increase energy, vitality, improve
health and restore the body’s natural pH balance.
∙ Re-Mineralize Distilled Water: Use 1/2 teaspoon per gallon for
fresh spring water taste.
∙ Hair, Skin and Teeth: Nourish internally and externally. Create
a relaxing mineral bath with 50 drops. Add to shampoo for
shinier, healthier hair. Add to toothpaste before brushing to
naturally whiten teeth.
∙ Bone, Joint & Health: Strengthen bones, joints and teeth.
∙ Magnesium Supplement: Natural, superior quality.
∙ Helps Normalize Bowel Function: Detoxification.
∙ Calcium Assimilation: Calcium assimilates better when taken
with magnesium.
∙ Circulatory Health: Minerals play important roles in
decalcification, antioxidant and cleansing functions in the body.
The heart requires magnesium with every beat. Potassium is
used to contract the heart muscle.
∙ Vitamin Enhancement: Minerals help assimilate Vitamins.
Without Minerals, Vitamins do not assimilate effectively.
∙ Pets: Add to pet food and water for essential mineral balance.
∙ Gardens and Plants: Beneficial in gardens, plants and farms.
Dilute with water.
∙ Athletic Performance: Improve endurance, cardiovascular,
and athletic performance. Improves body building results.
∙ Natural Anti-bacterial: Helps to eliminate bacteria. Apply on
hands and use to clean public areas before use.
∙ Add to Beverages: Add to water, juices, coffee, smoothies, etc.
∙ Foods: Spray on fruits and vegetables for natural preservation.
∙ Cooking: Add mineral balance to food. Creates delicious
flavor. Add 10 drops to rice before cooking.
∙ These are just examples… the list of ION5™ benefits and
uses are endless.



Referral #US175901-01

Repairing your pH balance is the natural way to rebuild your health and initiate
healing. Correcting an acidic body is essential to bringing the body back to good health.
A healthy pH is the key to balancing the body’s systems, such as the:
Digestive System, Circulatory System, Immune System, Respiratory System, Skeletal
System, Integumentary System (skin), Nervous System, Excretory System, Muscular System
and Reproductive System.There are so many diseases and disorders that are associated with
an acidic condition. With the awareness of how acidity can affect us, we can take a natural
approach to balancing our body’s pH through ION5™ and other Sparkle Wellness Products.
Healthy Body pH Range
Acid Alkaline
ION5™ – Concentrated Trace Minerals from the Great Salt Lake

Sparkle is on a crusade to help address the ongoing epidemic
of mineral depletion, which is compromising the health of people
Minerals are essential for total body wellness. Over 90% of all
body functions require minerals. Without them, not a single muscle
including your heart and brain could function. Also, research
indicates that almost every ailment, sickness and disease can be traced
to a mineral deficiency. If the body lacks vitamins, the body can still utilize
minerals. But, if the body lacks minerals, vitamins are not properly utilized.
Unfortunately, for decades there has been an ongoing epidemic of
mineral depletion in the soils, fruits and vegetables. This is compromising good health because the body cannot create its own
minerals, we must obtain them through food or supplementation.
Therefore, the biggest challenge with minerals is finding the proper
balance in a form that can be readily absorbed by the body.
With so many types of minerals in the market today from organic, inorganic, colloidal, chelated, petrified vegetation, ancient organic sea
beds to ionic, how do you know which is best? For years the debate
has left people more confused than ever.
The truth is, the body cannot benefit from minerals unless the body
can ABSORB them. Minerals that cannot be broken down by your
body’s natural ionic form pass through the body unassimilated, making them useless.
1st Generation = Natural Mined Minerals
2nd Generation = Chelated Minerals
3rd Generation = Colloidal Minerals
4th Generation = A Combination of Minerals
Mined Minerals are proven to be ineffective due to their large
particle size, which the body cannot fully absorb. The 2nd, 3rd,
and 4th generation minerals were created through man-made
processes to help transport minerals more effectively in the body.
They must undergo a reconversion in the body before they can be
utilized, then still the body’s ability to absorb them is minimal to none.
Through extensive research and development, Sparkle offers a 5th
generation mineral that offers a better and more effective delivery
system – we call it ION5™.
ION5™ is naturally in a LIQUID IONIC FORM and its minerals are
smallest in size so it is naturally absorbed by the body immediately.
In fact, ION5™ minerals are in a balance almost identical to the
body’s healthy blood plasma and lymphatic system. Therefore,
ION5™ does not need any unnatural processes like other minerals
in order to be assimilated.
ION5™ contains a natural concentrated blend of over 72 essential
minerals and trace minerals, supercharged with our exclusive
Energetics Technology™ – a subtle energy force that works on the
same energetic principle as acupuncture and “ki” which influences
the body on all levels – mental, psychological and physiological.