A Summer Face Eyes and Body 24/7 Body Lotion, Fabu Fill and Caffeine Blast Eye Gel

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Mother’s Day Face Eye and Body trio is the perfect mix for any Mother of any age!

Caffeine Blast 24/7 Body Lotion that will moisturize your body and lessens the appearance of cellulite

Caffeine Blast Eye Gel, little product big difference.  De-puff and aids in lessening the appearance of Dark Circles

FabuFill line and wrinkle filler, NEVER leave home with out this magical product on your beautiful face!

Filler For Fine, Deep Lines & Wrinkles
Silica fills in lines and wrinkles. Improves the skin’s “feel” and controls oily build up. Iris Root extract has decongestive properties. Vitamin E is an antioxidant and protects cells. Titanium Dioxide “smoothes wrinkles”.


Caffeine Eye Gel / For All Skin Types
The combined ingredients of caffeine for de-puffing, antioxidants for diminishing dark circles, menthol and lactic for cooling, stimulating circulation and exfoliating. Guaranteed to see results! FEEL the TINGLE!
Key Ingredients: Caffeine, Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone, Menthyl Lactate | Size: ½oz Glass Bottle w/Pump

Caffeine Blast 24/7 Body

Experience the body lotion Every(Body) is using.
This incredible formula packed with Shea Butter hydrates and restores moisture to dry irritated skin. This phenomenal mixture infused with fruit and plant extracts melt down dead, dry cells leaving you’re skin moist and smooth.
Caffeine, a powerhouse antioxidant protects skin from aging, draws excess fluid out of the cells resulting in toning, tightening and improved circulation!
Absorbs quickly, leaves no slippery residue.
So give it a shot!  No regrets!  Promise!