A Perfect Christmas Deep Cleaning Bundle Includes: Calm EFX, Cleanszit, Control Zone, Destroy Zit, Dryzit, Restoration C Caffeine Blast Intoxication, TonesZit, MaskZit and Tune UP 10%

$621.54 $425.00

This Crazy Spooky Bundle is at a 59% savings.  The 10 items you  need to heal, repair and rejuvenate oily acne skin. 

Calm EFX  Healing Serum for all Skin irritation
CleansZit  Oily Acne Cleanser
Control Zone  Oil Free Moisturizer
DestroyZit  Spot Treatment for the Big Pimple
DryZit  Benzol Peroxide for Acne Skin 
Restoration C  Vitamin C Serum 
Caffeine Blast Intoxication  5 in 1 Cleanser, Scrub, Mask, Skin Tightener, Skin Brightener
TonesZit  Toner for Oily Acne and Combination Skin Types
MaskZit Blemished Skin or Black Head Mask
Tune Up 10% Glycolic 10% aids in diminishing scars, discoloration and tightens pores