Class of 2020 Grad Deal: Caffeine Blast .5oz Caffeine Blast Intoxication 2oz CleansZit 6oz Control Zone 2oz DestroyZit .5oz DryZit 1oz MaskZit 2oz, ToneZit 6oz, Restoration C 1oz

$638.30 $450.00

Caffeine Blast Intoxication,

Get your glow back with INTOXICATION, our super caffeine charged Cleanser, Exfoliator, Brightener, Tightener and Mask. This organic skin care product was made for all skin types. Infused with caffeine, this powerful product is five kinds of clean in one little step. Tightens, rejuvenates and makes puffiness a thing of the past. Includes jojoba beads for soft exfoliation, papaya enzymes for a gentle peel, glycerin for hydration, kaolin clay for oil absorption, and salicylic acid for skin brightening. Wait there’s more! Grapefruit and peppermint oils cool and calm. Now that’s clean! Completely free of parabens, sulfates, DEA and TEA.

Control Zone Oil Free Moisturizer / For All Skin Types

TonesZit Oily / Acne Toner with Copper PCA / For Oily, Oily Acne and Combination Skin Types

“Get rid of the shine” with this tingling toner specially formulated to control oiliness without drying out the skin. Green Tea Extract and Copper PCA are noted to be rich in potent antioxidants, as well as being accredited with having therapeutic benefits such as antibacteriostatic action and the ability to reduce puffiness. The combination with Arnica Extract reinforces the astringent, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as stimulating the healing process. Watch your skin “come alive” with this reviving combination. “Feel the tingle.”
Key Ingredients: Peppermint Oil, Arnica Extract, Green Tea, Algae Extracts, and Copper PCA.


Caffeine Eye Gel / For All Skin Types

The combined ingredients of caffeine for de-puffing, antioxidants for diminishing dark circles, menthol and lactic for cooling, stimulate circulation and exfoliating. Guaranteed to see results with this miracle eye gel! FEEL the TINGLE!
Key Ingredients: Caffeine,Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone, Menthyl Lactate.


CleansZit, Foaming Acne Cleanser Gel with Copper PCA

For Oily, Oily Acne, and Combination Skin Types
Shiny, oily skin a problem? This acne cleanser is for you. CleansZit helps eliminate pimples and effectively removes excess oil while cleansing the skin of makeup and environmental impurities. Aloe Vera, well known for having anti-inflammatory properties, helps prevent new acne break-out. Copper PCA helps stimulate the skin’s regenerative processes which repair the outer protective barrier, increasing collagen and elastin. Salicylic Acid, in addition to its antiseptic properties, helps dissolve the top layer of corneum cells, assuring your skin will look and feel revitalized and healthy. “So what’s stopping you?”
Key IngredientsSalicylic Acid, Copper PCA, Willow Bark

DestroyZit .5oz Zinc Camphor and Sulfur Acne Spot Treatment for Oily, Blemished and Acne-Prone Skin

Stop those zits “dead in their tracks” with this fierce formula. One touch with the magic wand is all it takes. “Totally changes your life.”
Key Ingredients: Zinc Oxide, Sulfur, Camphor
Size: ½oz Glass Bottle With Wand

DryZit 1oz Benzoyl Peroxide 7% / For Oily, Blemished,

Acne-Prone Skin Types.
Oil, pimples, same old song. This fantastic product promises to rid you of your woes with the powerful antibacterial ingredient Benzoyl Peroxide 7%. Say bye-bye to oily, acne skin as the oxidant (Peroxide) releases oxygen and wipes out the acne population, ridding you of oil and pimples. So, what’s stopping you?
Key Ingredients: Benzoyl Peroxide, German Chamomile

MaskZit Camphor and Sulfur Clarifying Mask with Copper PCA. For Oily, Blemished and Acne-Prone Skin

Treat oil or acne-prone skin with this normalizing clarifying mask. The purifying and cleansing properties of camphor help stabilize sebaceous gland activity, while sulphus aids in dissolving the Keratin buildup of the epidermis. This combination helps clear up and minimize clogged pores and dries up pimples.
Key Ingredients: Camphor, Sulfur – (Colloidal), Tea Tree Oil, Copper PCA


Restoration C 1oz Vitamin C Serum / For All Skin Types

Restoration is exactly what we mean! It’s time to restore your skin to its youthful healthy glow. This advanced concentrated formula infuses an optimal concentration of stabilized Vitamin C. High doses of topically-applied Vitamin C stimulate the regeneration process of Collagen Fibers. Vitamin C will diminish hyperpigmentation (age spots) and your skin will regain its natural smoothness, firmness and elasticity. “Have you had your vitamins today?”
Key Ingredients: Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (Vitamin C), Chamomile Extract, Willow Bark Extract