CleansZit Foaming Acne Cleanser 16oz Size $69.00 Retail

$82.00 $69.00

Foaming Acne Cleanser Gel with Copper PCA

For Oily, Oily Acne, and Combination Skin Types

Shiny, oily skin a problem? This acne cleanser is for you. CleansZit helps eliminate pimples and effectively removes excess oil while cleansing the skin of makeup and environmental impurities. Aloe Vera, well known for having anti-inflammatory properties, helps prevent new acne break-out. Copper PCA helps stimulate the skin’s regenerative processes which repair the outer protective barrier, increasing collagen and elastin. Salicylic Acid, in addition to its antiseptic properties, helps dissolve the top layer of corneum cells, assuring your skin will look and feel revitalized and healthy. “So what’s stopping you?”

Key Ingredients: Salicylic Acid, Copper PCA, Willow Bark



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