A Summer time Glow Bundle Later Alligator 1oz & Restoration C 1oz

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Vitamin C Serum / For All Skin Types

Restoration is exactly what we mean! It’s time to restore your skin to its youthful healthy glow. This advanced concentrated formula infuses an optimal concentration of stabilized Vitamin C. High doses of topically-applied Vitamin C stimulate the regeneration process of Collagen Fibers. Vitamin C will diminish hyperpigmentation (age spots) and your skin will regain its natural smoothness, firmness and elasticity. “Have you had your vitamins today?”

Key Ingredients: Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (Vitamin C), Chamomile Extract, Willow Bark Extract

Vitamin C Moisturizer | For Normal Combination and Sensitive Skin Types

Super charged, lightweight and hydrating, this Vitamin C creme definitely has your name on it. Packed with the most stable forms of Vitamin C and Grapeseed Oil, powerful antioxidants that protect your skin from the aging effects of free radicals. Vitamin C helps repair sun damaged skin as well as promoting Collagen Synthesis. If smoother, firmer, more even-toned skin is for you, open the jar and get started. “See ya later, Alligator.”

Key Ingredients: Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate (Vitamin C), Grape Seed Oil